MidiPad 2

The ultimate Midi pad controller for iOS

MidiPad 2 - Take control of your instruments!

MidiPad is the most customizable Midi Pad Controller you will ever find! Using MidiPad you can send notes, program changes or controller events to Core Midi capable devices and apps. The pads are velocity sensitive and you can add as many of them as you wish. Still not enough? Create multiple pages for each song or device. The possibilities are limitless!

Velocity sensitive

MidiPad makes use of the motion sensors of your device to measure how hard you hit the pads. Ideal for percussion!

Full customization

With MidiPad you can configure multiple Midi actions per trigger. This allows you to change complex setups with the touch of a single button.

Multiple pages

You can create multiple pages and quickly switch between them. Each page can be configured for its own unique purpose.


MidiPad for iPad

MidiPad for iPhone


Here is the full list of features that MidiPad supports:

  • Works with any Core Midi compatible hardware/app and Midi over WiFi (via RTP)
  • Pads can be momentary triggers or toggle switches
  • Multiple Midi messages per pad
  • Very fast trigger response with low latency
  • Create multiple pages with quick and easy switching
  • Group your pads with matching colors
  • Send notes, program changes and control changes

MidiPad is engineered to perform reliably in live setups and is used by touring musicians.

The ultimate Midi pad controller

Available for iPhone and iPad